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Endless hot water, additional storage space, and lower energy bills are just a few reasons homeowners are switching to tankless water heaters. From increased energy efficiency and lower operating costs to space savings and extended lifespan, people really have more good reasons to go tankless. While a typical tank water heater is supposed to last 10 to 13 years, tankless water heaters are estimated to last up to 20 years. If you’re planning to stay in your home for a while, that’s a hefty replacement fee you’re saving. Even if you’re not going to stay in your home for that long, it’s nice to pay it forward towards the overall cost savings of home ownership.

Factors that can affect the life expectancy of your Tankless Water Heater:Anaheim tankless water heater service

  1. Installation: Fountain Valley tankless water heaters have become more advanced to enable homeowners to access cost efficient warm water. Correct installation is the key to the tankless water heaters life span. Correct sizing of the unit depending on the size of your home will ensure the efficiency of the product. An appropriate size of the pipes and hot water to be used should also be estimated.
  2. Water: Check the acidity of your water in your area; it does affect the life span of your unit. Acidic water may cause scale buildup that is harmful not just for your family but for your tankless water heater unit too.
  3. Period of time: A tankless water heater is expected to last at least for 20 years and may extend further depending on the replacement of the heat changer.
  4. Maintenance: Like any other machines and appliances that we normally use at home, tankless water heater does need regular check-up and maintenance as well to potentially extend its life span.

Extending the life span of your tankless water heater really does depend on the end user. Proper maintenance should be considered and follow through. One advantage of a tankless system is that parts are replaceable, so even if the heat exchanger fails after its warranty period, you can still buy a new heat exchanger. If a tank type water heater has a failure, you do not have this option are stuck with purchasing a whole new system.

Signs Your Tankless Water Heater Needs Repair:

  1. Too hot or too cold
  2. Water leaking
  3. Rust colored water
  4. Foul odor coming out

As we said, tankless system parts are replaceable. Call the expert in tankless water heater repair in Orange County; Tankless Done Right. The company offers a professional service and advice to maximize the performance of your unit and minimize your utility usage. They offer free estimation on a new installation. Tankless Done Right is a subdivision of Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc. one of Orange County, CA’s best when it comes to plumbing service. Heat up and gear up with the trend. Go Green, Save energy and Be minimalists. Pick up your phone and dial their number (714) 252-6153 or send them an email

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