Does Tankless Water Heating Increase Your Home’s Value?

energy efficient water heating

Over the last decade, homeowners across the United States have become far more aware of the importance of green design. From daylighting to insulation, a range of green-focused technologies that were once ignored have become mainstream.

One of these technologies is tankless water heating – a water heating option that’s more energy efficient, eco-friendly and effective than the traditional tank heaters used in many 20th century America homes.

Tankless water heating offers a variety of benefits for homeowners. It’s more eco-friendly than a tank heater system, more convenient, less likely to flood and cause damage and designed to allow limitless hot water even under heavy use.

One additional benefit of tankless water heating is often forgotten: its ability to, like other eco-friendly and energy efficient technologies, increase your home’s value and make it a more marketable, desirable property to homebuyers.

Tankless water heating and home value

You might not believe it, but data backs up the claim that tankless water heating is a great option for increasing your home’s value. Tankless heaters are highly desirable for homeowners for a wide variety of reasons.

They’re less expensive to operate, more energy efficient, less polluting, much more convenient for people that enjoy long baths and showers and, due to their relatively high installation cost, an asset that’s worth mentioning in property listings.

Better yet, tankless water heating has become a feature worth mentioning as part of the modern ‘green home’ profile. Along with daylighting and energy efficient home insulation, tankless water heating isn’t just effective – its environmentally friendly.

Their value for homeowners is backed up by many of the real estate industry’s most prominent experts and bloggers. Property blog Planting Money Seeds lists installing tankless water heating as one of its top ways to increase your home’s value.

In many regions, going tankless increases your home’s value at little cost to you due to federal incentives for installing tankless water heating. Many homeowners could claim a $300 federal tax rebate in exchange for their decision to go tankless.

It’s not just bloggers that understand the value of tankless water heating for today’s homeowners. A recent article in the Chicago Tribune discussed the growing value of tankless water heaters and their effect on home valuations.

Should you install tankless water heating?

Going tankless isn’t inexpensive, with the typical tankless water heater costing more to install than a traditional tank heater. However, the initial cost is repaid in full, and then some, in energy savings and an increase in your home’s value.

After you go tankless, the amount of energy you spend heating your water system – a significant amount, for the majority of homeowners – could be reduced by as much as 20 percent, depending on your habits.

Your home’s environmental impact will also improve; tankless water heaters don’t produce any greenhouse gas, and their lower energy consumption gives them a far less serious environmental footprint than traditional tank heaters.

Better yet, tankless water heaters are an easy choice if you’re renovating your home prior to a sale. Bathroom renovations are some of the best home changes to make if you’re looking for an increased valuation, and adding a new heater is very simple.

Whether you’re interested in increasing your home’s value for a short-term sale or simply enjoying the comfort, convenience and reduced cost of a tankless hot water system, there’s never been a better time than now to go tankless.